Ambassador Photography Tips – Abella Eyewear

Posted on by Abella Eyewear

Photography Best Practices

👉 Use natural light
👉 Wear your sunglasses on your face (so everyone can see what you're sharing!)
👉 Ask a friend to take the photo for you if you can!  
👉 Smile naturally! Use a 45 degree angle, and look up toward the camera. Try raising your eyebrows slightly smile (and think about something that brings you joy!), this will help create a look of a genuine happiness that will shine through.
👉 ​If you want to take the angle a bit further, try extending your head away from your neck (just slightly)... This should create the look of a longer neck and sharper jawline. You can also push your shoulders down to make yourself look more relaxed.
👉 Consider your surroundings.  The photo should showcase YOU and your sunnies, not your closet, or car/seat belt.  Find a unique wall or background that enhances your photo, not distracts from it!