You have to check out our ambassador, Luisa, Miss Cherryboo! 


Luisa is 24 years old, with a BA in foreign languages. She is originally from Colombia, but has lived in the US for 4 years.  She's the oldest of three children, raised by her wonderful mother.


If you need a dose of fashion or hair inspo, you need to follow Curls love and more.  You'll find yourself surrounded by a community of kindness, support and self love.


Besides spreading positivity, Louisa can be found spending time with loved ones making sure life has balance with time to unwind and relax. Self care includes working out, listening to music and doing yoga.

❝ Be kind with yourself. After all you’re doing your best to survive despite all the things you’ve endured.
Whoever is reading this: I want you to know I am proud of you and you’re amazing! ❞


LUISA shades are a sleek, modern, slight cateye frame available in 4 colors.