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Singer | Song Writer | Model

Mary Jayne... the name behind this super trendy frame!


While she is most certainly beautiful, bold and on top of her game...when chatting with Mary Jayne earlier this month, we felt a deep connection with her underlying unstoppable fierceness, packaged with an overwhelming kindness and humble strength.


Mary Jayne has been an Abella Ambassador since 2018, you'll see some of our legacy sunnies on her below.  


Professionally, Mary Jayne is a singer, songwriter and published model.


She released her debut album in October 2020 titled YOU.  This R&B album is beyond impressive. Find access to all things Mary Jayne here


Her musical success came from years of training and effort, starting with singing Whitney Houston songs by age 3, learning multiple instruments and eventually began recording her own albums at age 17.


When not performing, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, walking her dog, exercising and spending time with her son. 


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❝ Mary Jayne is an independent artist from California. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, now relocated to Northern California. It hasn't been easy for this songstress to get where she is today. At age 17 she began professionally recording music only to have her life changed forever becoming a young mother shortly after. After having her son, she decided to pause her pursuit into the music industry. During that time she continued writing music and perfecting her craft but not publicly releasing music. Still unsure if the music community would welcome her back, she took a leap of faith when she debuted her first single last year in November of 2018. 

-LIFOTI Magazine


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