May 31, 2022

Ambassador Nicole!


Meet Nicole!  She's a step mom to 4 children and if you can believe it, this beauty is a grandma to SIX!

Nicole keeps busy being active and enjoys fitness and the outdoors.  

Being a brand ambassador for Abella was something that Nicole became interested in because she enjoys being part of a community, and supporting other women!  The sunglasses are an added bonus!  When Nicole is shopping she values customer services and feeling elegant and sophisticated, so Abella sunnies are a perfect fit for quality, trendy and classic shades! 

You'll find Nicole enjoying her vacation time camping and exploring the outdoors, where she can hike, paddle and take long walks.

Something most people don't know about Nicole is she loves a good prank.  She loves comedy and has a fantastic ability to read the room, which allows her to make shy people feel comfortable and open up.

Find Nicole on Instagram for an authentic and genuine experience.