Jasmine Easley
March 18, 2022

Jasmine Easley

"It a woman who loves her first and know her self worth so can have unconditional love for others"

Jasmine is a sister (3 brothers and 2 sisters). A daughter. A warrior and and inspiration to many. 

March is Cerebral Palsy awareness month, and we wanted to highlight Jasmine for all of her positivity and kindness.

Jasmine has Cerebral Palsy and her mission is to positively represent her disability.  She continually inspires others that "you can do things", and "everyone deserves a chance...and keep on breaking down walls!"



Jasmine loves signing, all music and the color pink.  You can discover all the things she is up to on her YouTube channel.

Jasmine may appear to have a big personalty, but by nature she's quiet.


Don't be afraid to express yourself. - Jasmine