Meet Jessica Marie
March 11, 2022

Meet Jessica Marie

Jessica has her PhD in Mental Health Counselling & is working towards her ThD in Spirituality-Holistic Health.
Her passion for education in holistic health has allowed her to specialize in breath-work, sound healing, meditation, yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Generation Kids Yoga, Health and Wellness coaching. 
Jessica is a busy mother of twin girls (currently 3.5 years old).  She loves to incorporate fun and fashion into her lifestyle. Her approach is a “Look good and feel good” mentality.  Abella is a perfect match to support feeling pretty and chic. 
Jessica has practised Yoga in different forms for over 20 years. 
She now helps thousands connect with mind, body, and soul through outreach and community. She is a licensed massage therapist with a focus on cranial sacral work, sports medicine, myofascial, release, ultrasonic liposuction, and emotional healing.
Fitness and outdoors is another passion of Jessica's, boosting endorphins contribute to your wellness, so she likes to hike, snow shoe, and got to run along the Great Wall of China.


"Engagement drops without the stories. It does pay off!"

—Jessica Marie


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