Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computers
October 13, 2021

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computers

Blue Light Blocking Glasses can be handy when you stare at your screen for more than 5 hours per day (or more than 2-3 hours consecutively).  This includes your computer screen, your phone, your tablet or TV. 

Let’s face it, screentime is prevalent in all areas of our lives from work to school to connecting with family and friends to downtime.  We all scroll our devices from time to time (standing in the grocery line up, or waiting for your coffee to brew, a screen will often fill these moments).  When we do this, the amount of time our eyes spend in front of bluelight can quickly go from minutes to hours, and many find their eyes are irritated and that their quality of sleep is negatively affected. Blue light glasses can reduce this strain, improve your sleep ...extending the amount of time you can spend in front of a screen without being affected. 

Recent research shows that blue light has a more significant impact on sleep and staring at a digital screen all day can interfere with circadian rhythm, melatonin production and eventually disrupt a good night sleep. 

Our high-quality glasses protect from blue light and help reduce eye fatigue. Abella offers trendy designer glasses are with unisex options, made with polycarbonate material with the durability of 10-20 years. Plus, we have a lifetime warranty - even if you lose them! 

Look great, reduce eye strain, improving sleep habits, and reducing headaches and fatigue.


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